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15894687_1537080709652907_3491756206994359749_nThe Willennar Genealogy Center: A Service of Eckhart Public Library is available to you for all of your family and historical research. We encourage you to browse our large collection of DeKalb County research materials including birth, death, and marriage records. We also have a collection of yearbooks, city directories, and microfilm. You may even find your family name among our family histories or in our vertical files.

If you need to scan old photos and documents or convert a VHS tape to a digital file, we can help you with that at our MakerSpace. You can also use our computers to search online using the Ancestry Library site and Fold3 that are free to use (Fold3 can be accessed at home with your current Eckhart Public Library Card).

Would you like to record your family history with one of your relatives? You could check out our field recorder. Perhaps you have some rolled up photos or documents in your current family collection? You may also want to check out our humidification chamber.

If this all sounds a little overwhelming, please join us during Family History Month on Wednesday, October 3, for a program called “Getting Started” and on Wednesday, October 10, for a program called “Technology and Genealogy.” Both will start at 6 p.m. Our staff is trained and ready to help you facilitate your own research so that it is more rewarding to you. We are available to help you learn the ropes if needed! By joining us at one of our upcoming programs, we can assist you in your family research journey on what to expect, where to get started, and answer any questions you may have.

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From the Willennar Genealogy Center’s Past Perfect Photo Archives. Catalog # 2013.07.14.1272

Do you have some mysterious photographs or maybe an old historical book but you are uncertain what to do with it? Bring it to us! We offer donation services that you can utilize. If you want to keep your items but want to share them with others, we may be able to digitize them and make them available to the public and return them to you.

Are you looking to make a connection with us? We also partner with neighboring schools and other community organizations to bring stories and history to life! If you are interested in facilitating a program opportunity with us, please reach out to us at (260) 925-2414 x 420.

Keep a lookout for other programs throughout the year, including our monthly Time Travelers group (designed for our youth audience) or Technology Day events. These events can be located on our Facebook page, the Eckhart Public Library Calendar, or at one of our Service Desks.

We look forward to seeing you at the Willennar Genealogy Center!

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