EPL Staff Spotlight: Genealogy Specialists

EPL_logo_greenThis week is National Library Week, and we want to showcase the hard work of our staff that results in the services that we offer every day. At Eckhart Public Library, we have three Genealogy Specialists that are part of our Public Service Team. Genealogy Specialists are our experts in researching family and local history.

In addition to navigating our microfilm and mircofiche, birth and death records, yearbooks, maps, and other physical resources, our Genealogy Staff are also able to assist users with online genealogy resources like Ancestry.com, Fold3, and Family Search.


ChelseaI’m very proud of those times I’m able to help a patron with their family (or local history) research. It’s a wonderful feeling when you can help someone finally break through that “wall” and find the information they’ve been searching everywhere for. I’m also proud of our collaborations with DeKalb High School to help students prep for National History

Day, and of our various digitization projects, which have made many documents, photos, and other artifacts from our community’s history accessible to the public. – Chelsea Dant

Genealogy Specialists also work diligently to digitize photos, documents, and objects for our Online Photo Archives. This service is also available for our patrons. We are more than happy to assist users as they digitize their histories at our Willennar Genealogy Center.  Most recently, they’ve digitized the Jack Randinelli ACD Collection and the Charles Eckhart & W.H. McIntosh Collection. Genealogy Specialists are the history detectives of Eckhart Public Library!

Auburn Rubber Company

Mike Mapes presented a program on the Auburn Rubber Company at The Friends of the Library Annual Meeting.


Genealogy Staff Learned about the newest technology available to our patrons utilizing the microfilm reader.

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Jamie is the Programming and Outreach Manager at Eckhart Public Library
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