Eckhart Public Library Restoration Plans Revealed

We are very excited to release preliminary plans that will be the next phase in our fire recovery of our Historic Main Library. While the fire of July 2nd was a devastating event, we are taking this opportunity to make some upgrades and changes to our library. One of these changes is the removal of the large ramp at the entrance of the building. The new entrance will allow everyone to enter at ground level of the Library Park, and there will be an elevator that will take patrons to the floor of their choosing. These plans are preliminary and do not reflect the landscaping that will take place in the Library Park.

Currently, the projected timeline of construction has the Main Library being open again in February of 2019. While it is difficult to know that we have many months to go before moving back into our beautiful, historic building, we are very excited to move forward and into the future of Eckhart Public Library.

Some of the other changes that are planned for the space include:

  • The Fiction collection will be located on the main floor
  • A new meeting room on the main floor
  • Additional spaces for collaboration
  • Comfortable seating areas throughout the building
  • Points of service on every floor of the library
  • A redesigned floor plan of The Children’s Department
  • The historic stairway between the second and main floor will be accessible for all to use.
  • Reworked spaces that allow for additional programming opportunities

The overall size of the library’s collection will not be reduced. These changes and modifications are able to be made by making the most of our space for our patrons, services, and community.

Quotes from our Board President about these changes and fire recovery can be found in the article from KPC News.

EPL Rendering 1EPL Rendering 2

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Jamie is the Programming and Outreach Manager at Eckhart Public Library
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