Placing/Receiving a Hold During EPL Main Library Closure

During the restoration of Eckhart Public Library’s Main Building, you may be wondering how to place your holds, as well as where to pick them up. This step-by-step guide will help you figure out how to place a hold like usual, with a few minor adjustments!


  • Go to the Evergreen Indiana page as usual. Search for items as you normally would.
  • Once you’ve found a great item, click the “Place Hold” button as usual.
  • If you’re Evergreen Indiana’s preferred pickup location is the Eckhart Public Library’s Main Building, you will need to change your library pick-up location. Otherwise, the hold will not be successful. This is done by simply clicking on the drop-down menu. holds2
  • For the duration of main library repairs, holds will be available at: the Eckhart Teen Library, also known as The Third Place; the Willennar Genealogy Center; or the Auburn Plaza Temporary Location. If you still wish to pick up your holds through our library, click on one of these options. You can also choose to pick up items at another Evergreen Indiana Library, if it is more convenient.holds3
  • Click “Submit” once you’ve selected the library and verified your information.
  • When you receive a notification through phone, text, or email that you item is available, head to the location you chose. Staff can help you find your item on our holds shelf!
  • The librarian will assist you in checking out your hold as usual. We can also go to your account and temporarily change your Evergreen Indiana preferred pick-up location to one of our other branches.
  • Once you’ve finished your item, return it to our outdoor drop-box, the Willennar Genealogy Center, the Eckhart Teen Library, the Auburn Plaza Temporary Location, or any other Evergreen Indiana library!

About Kaylee

Hello all! I am the Marketing Specialist at Eckhart Public Library, and do lots of fun work on our social media, posting blogs, and writing weekly emails. I can also be seen at the Auburn Plaza Temporary Location and Teen Library.
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