Eckhart Public Library Fire Update

We are incredibly moved by and grateful for the outpouring of support from the community after yesterday’s fire at our Main Library. Our campus will be closed until July 8th as we regroup and organize our services .Fire Graphic

Right now, any items, including DVDs, CDs, and other audiovisual items, can be returned in our outdoor book drop on 12th Street. We understand that other items were returned prior to the fire, and we want to assure patrons that there will not be any charges on any lost or damaged materials. There will not be overdue fees charged at this time. We are working with Evergreen Indiana through this process, but there may be some conflicting notices received through their automated system as we work through this transition.

Any of our materials or other Evergreen Indiana materials can be also be returned at any Evergreen Indiana library. A full list of these libraries is located on the Evergreen Indiana blog. Items can also be checked out at these libraries with your Evergreen Indiana library card during their regular service hours. Our digital collection of eBooks and downloadable audiobooks are also available along with our online databases.

We are working diligently to continue library services on our campus and will be posting more information in the coming days. We are so heartened by all of our community members asking how they can help us rebuild. There will be ways to help, and we will be posting those in the coming days as well.


About Jamie

Jamie is the Programming and Outreach Manager at Eckhart Public Library
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2 Responses to Eckhart Public Library Fire Update

  1. Jayson Balsley says:

    How can we donate items like DVD’s and books? Where can we drop them off?

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