Read Away Fines

Fine-Header.png┬áDuring the library’s annual reading program, Eckhart Public Library patrons are able to “read away” their library fines. For every book, graphic novel, or manga* checked out and read, $5 will be waived off of the total fine amount. Patrons participating in Read Away Fines can check out one item at a time to waive fines.

Read Away Fines is available for all ages, but each age group has different allowances. If patrons are under the age of 18, Read Away Fines will waive all fees and fines on that patron’s account with the exception of collection agency fees and postage. Patrons 18 and older can get overdue fees waived.**

To participate in Read Away Fines, patrons will:

  1. Bring the item they wish to read to the circulation desk, and tell the staff member that they would like to read away their fines.
  2. Read the item or listen to the item be read to you.
  3. Return the item inside the library at the circulation desk, and the staff member will waive $5 off your fines.

*Please note that only these items are allowed for the Read Away Fines program. This does not include audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, or other non-print items.

**Read Away Fines can only count towards pre-existing Eckhart Public Library fines. Fines from other Evergreen Indiana libraries are not eligible for this program. The patron must have at least $5 in fines for them to be waived.


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Hello all! I am the Marketing Specialist at Eckhart Public Library, and do lots of fun work on our social media, posting blogs, and writing weekly emails. I can also be seen at the Auburn Plaza Temporary Location and Teen Library.
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