Throwback Thursday: More Mystery Photos

Willennar Genealogy Center’s collection is full of Throwback Thursday potential, so let’s get our #TBT on!

Do any of these faces look familiar?

1967 - Opening of I-69 North

The Willennar Genealogy Center’s online photo database currently contains over 13,000 photographic images, including images from negatives, Real Photo postcards, and more. Sadly, a number of these images came without any information or story attached, leaving us with pictures of people and places we can’t identify.

We featured some of our older “mystery photos” in a previous post, but this batch of photos covers a relatively more recent time frame: the 1920s through the 1970s. They’re listed below in chronological order. Click on a photo, and it will open up a slide show where you can view each image individually. (Click on “View Full Size” in slide-show mode to get an even closer view.)

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any thoughts you want to share—or even better, some names!

Want to see more local history? Click here to browse our online photo database or visit the official Genealogy Center Facebook page.


About Chelsea

I've been working at Willennar Genealogy Center for over two years now, and I've loved every minute of getting to learn more about the stories of DeKalb County and the surrounding area. I'm interested in all kinds of history, but I'm especially fond of the early film industry, old letters and journals, the DeKalb County Fair, and the Interurban line.
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