Back home again

IMG_6301Eckhart Public Library’s historic fountain returned to the library park Wednesday morning following an extensive renovation. A new coating protects the fountain’s metal elements and highlights its details.

The fountain was disassembled in February and transported by truck to Alabama, where specialists at Robinson Iron shored up the fragile base of the cast-zinc sculpture of two boys reaching for a duck. The fountain’s iron basins were cleaned and recoated, and all plumbing has been modernized.

The generosity of the Auburn community has made it possible for EPL to bring back The Heart of Our Park to be enjoyed by generations. Thank you!


The base of the fountain is delivered by crane.


Workers perform the delicate task of aligning the cast-iron base with new plumbing elements.


A crane lifts the center portion of the fountain off the truck.


Workers thread plumbing elements through the center portion of the fountain before the crane operator lowers it to rest.


A detail shot shows the fountain’s new faux-verdigris finish.


The cast zinc sculpture that sits atop the fountain is lifted through the air.


The inside of the sculpture’s base has been shored up by stainless steel cross bars and a surrounding ring, eliminating the need for exposed bolts through the zinc top. Cracks have been repaired.


The crane operator lowers the sculpture to be set in place.


Workers direct the crane operator’s placement of the sculpture atop the fountain.

Click here to view photos of the fountain’s disassembly in February.

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