Goodviews: Nightmare Before Christmas


Somewhat scary, claymation, lead character with black and white pattern clothing. Nightmare Before Christmas has Tim Burton written all over it.

One of the best ways to describe Nightmare Before Christmas is to call it a holiday musical horror. Scary for younger viewers, filled with wonderful music, and interesting characters it fits all three categories to some extent.

Meet Jack Skellington. He’s the king of Halloween with the best scares and he’s the man (er… skeleton?) with the plan! But something’s not quite right with our bony friend. He’s getting tired of routine and no one seems to understand.

There might be one person who understands (besides Jack’s ghost dog Zero) and that’s Sally, a creation of the evil scientist that might keep poisoning him (sleeping potion here, knockout draft there) so she can get out and see just a little of the town.

While walking to clear his head, and hopefully his heart, Jack finds himself in a place outside of town where he’s never been. There are trees forming a circle and each tree has what looks like a door, with a decoration. A turkey, a rabbit, a green tree with decorations… what’s this that Jack’s found?

After going through one of the trees Jack finds himself in Christmas land! Everything is so different from the world he’s known that he’s getting ideas for how to improve Halloween. Make it more like Christmas.

He takes the information back to his friends of Halloween, but Sally feels that something’s not quite right with this plan. Will she get Jack to listen? Or will Christmas and Halloween become one scary cold holiday?

Heather: I had a friend who was really into Tim Burton films and he ended up pointing out to me that the main characters in the films are almost always dressed in black and white. Jack is a skeleton in a black and white suit, Frankenweenie is entirely black and white, Beetlejuice wears the black and white suit, Sweeney Todd wears black and white and his hair is black with a white streak to it… Makes for an interesting Easter egg in his work, I think.


About Heather

I often go by Razor as my nickname based on my maiden name. I work at a library and also write. I write anything from novels to poetry and I live for the written word.
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