Goodviews: Maze Runner & Scorch Trials

maze runner The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials are movies based on books of the same titles by James Dashner.

In the first movie we meet Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) whose memory has been erased before he’s been dropped into a group of guys. Most of the other boys remember parents or some key things from their pasts, but Thomas has nothing. Each boy in the group has a particular job. Why haven’t they escaped? Because there’s a labyrinth that only opens for so long. That wouldn’t be much of an issue, but add in the creatures in the maze that try to kill the boys if they’re caught in the maze? Problem found. One of the jobs is to run into the maze, getting as far as possible, mapping out what they can of the maze and making it back before it closes, trapping them inside with the beasts.

Thomas wants to find a way out. He wants to prove himself worthy of being a runner because the leader of the group doesn’t trust the new kid. Thomas ends up proving his worth by running into the maze and saving one of the runners who was injured and getting him out before the maze closes with beasts hot on their tail.

Eventually a girl is thrown into the mix and the want to get out of the maze increases when she reveals things about the guys, how they got where they are, and what’s going on that none of them remember.

scorch trials

The group makes it out of the maze with a few casualties and finds the outside world is barren compared to where they’ve been. The group finds themselves in the middle of a battle between two organizations, and getting rescued by one lets the kids think they’re safe.

In The Scorch Trials you meet more kids from other groups and find out little by little what’s really going on. Lines are blurred in the second part of this story and the kids are fighting more than ever for their lives. They escape those who rescued them, and for good reason, but can they survive in the scorch? What’s really happening? Watch to find out.

Heather: Originally I wasn’t going to watch The Maze Runner, but a friend bought a copy and brought it over for a movie night. I liked the first one, but I loved the second one and now I can’t wait for the third though according to some resources it’ll be a little while.


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