Goodviews: Quidam


Quidam is magic. Brilliant, acrobatic, visual magic. But what is Quidam? Quidam is the 9th performance by Cirque du Soleil and, according to their website in classical latin it means “anonymous passerby” which fits the story.

At the beginning you’re introduced to a family. Dad is reading the paper, mom is working on something like knitting or crochet, and daughter is reading and playing around. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door and the daughter answers to greet a headless/faceless being with a bowler hat. The visitor loses their hat and the daughter finds it, trying to follow the being and return it. What she finds on her journey to return the hat is a world of magic and wonder.

Cirque du Soleil is known for their acrobatics and visual performances, but their shows are so much more. The music that plays alongside the performers adds emotion and depth to what they do that the performances that have no music are tense and the silence seems to echo. The best comparison I can think of is if you’re standing on a football field at one goal post and someone else is at the other end you would be able to hear the other person if they dropped a pin onto something like a cookie sheet.

If you’d like to know more about Cirque du Soleil their website is full of wonderful information.

Heather: I think I’ve officially driven my family nuts with this performance. It’s my go to for background if nothing else sounds good. I can’t get over the German Wheel performance.


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I often go by Razor as my nickname based on my maiden name. I work at a library and also write. I write anything from novels to poetry and I live for the written word.
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