Goodviews: Kingsman


Normally, I don’t care much for spy movies but Kingsman is amazing.

Start off with explosions and murder and a young adult with a horrible home life who gets into trouble often. His mom is dating someone who threatens to beat up her son and doesn’t seem to care about their daughter. Eggsy (Taron Egerton) is this young adult. He does what he can to take care of his family, but he’s never really had a strong male role model in his life because his dad died when he was very little and the death was under mysterious circumstances. Eggsy’s mother was given a pin and told if they ever needed anything that pin had a number and they would be able to call it one time and that they would need the phrase “Oxfords, not Brogues” is what they would need. The man giving them the pin and telling them all of this is someone who knew Eggsy’s dad and the reason he died.

While out drinking with some friends Eggsy has a little too much fun and steals a car belonging to one of his mom’s boyfriend’s goons and joyriding commences followed by a police chase. Eggsy takes the full blame and while sitting in the police station he remembers the pin and the number. He uses his one phone call to reach that number and just before they disconnect he remembers the phrase. There’s a pause and the voice on the other line tells him his complaint has been noted and they hope he hasn’t been lost as a customer.

Waiting outside of the police station is Harry Hart (Code name Galahad played by Colin Firth) and he offers Eggsy a ride home. Eggsy eventually learns of a world that most Bond fans only dream of.

Add to it a villain who is eco-friendly and gets nauseous at the sight of blood (Valentine played by Samuel L. Jackson) and a journey to find where you belong and you’ve got a fantastic movie.

Heather: I hadn’t heard of this movie before I’d watched it and I hadn’t seen trailers. Someone very close to me wanted to watch it and I said okay. He likes James Bond and it’s fun to try new things. I’m extremely glad I watched this. Currently I’ve watched it three or four times and I’m debating watching it again…


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I often go by Razor as my nickname based on my maiden name. I work at a library and also write. I write anything from novels to poetry and I live for the written word.
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