Celebrate Halloween at Eckhart Public Library!

All Hallow's Read Logo

The library is a great place to celebrate Halloween! Come join us!

  • All Hallow’s Read is a fun and not-so-scary Halloween event at Eckhart Public Library! At all Hallow’s Read, you can trick or treat around the library campus, get made up like a monster, watch spooky cartoons, play games, meet some Auburn residents from years-gone-by, and more! Participants will receive books, candy, and other treats. Everybody is encouraged to dress up! All Hallow’s Read is Thursday, October 29, 5:30-7:30 p.m., around the Library Campus.
  • We will be showing the 1978 classic horror film “Halloween” on Halloween night at Eckhart Public Library! Guests are invited to eat popcorn, enter a drawing for a Halloween gift bag, and stay after the screening for a discussion of Halloween and its place in film history. Please note: this film is rated “R” and is recommended for mature audiences. For more information about the content, see Common Sense Media’s page and the Internet Movie Database’s entry for Halloween. The “Halloween” screening is Saturday, October 31, 7-10 p.m., in the Close Community Room. (Doors will lock at 7:15 p.m.)

About Jenny

I am the Associate Director of Eckhart Public Library. My office is in the Administrative Annex, but I can often be found roaming the Eckhart Public Library Campus, performing acts of librarianship in every department! I love to read and learn about history. I'm also a huge fan of movies, TV and pop culture in general, and I love to read books of all types. Currently, I'm working my way around the romance section, with some historical fiction and graphic novels thrown in for variety! But you never know what I'm going to pick up next.
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