13 Posts of Fright: Cabin in the Woods

cabin in the woods

The Cabin in the Woods is a horror movie about horror movie tropes. And it plays them up. You’ve got a high-tech facility in competition not only within departments, but with other facilities and you’ve got a group of college students going on a vacation in the middle of nowhere. The student group is a menagerie of the different types of students. Prep, jock, stoner, virgin, etc. someone fits into at least one category.

There’s a lot that I really want to say about this movie, but I can’t say much about it because there’s a lot that could be given away. The characters are portrayed well, there’s a lot of humor, if you know the horror rules you’ll want to smack the characters. The effects and monsters are amazing and you’ll see monsters you never thought you’d see. This movie also branches into how horror is different in different countries.

Heather: This is one of my all-time favorite horror movies. Between the rules and the tropes and adding in the monsters and everything else that’s happening it’s too funny. Remember kids, don’t read the mysterious language out loud before reading it in your head. That just begs for trouble.


About Heather

I often go by Razor as my nickname based on my maiden name. I work at a library and also write. I write anything from novels to poetry and I live for the written word.
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