Pop Culture Librarians: Rupert Giles

“Well, we start, not surprisingly, with research.” – Rupert Giles


Librarian. Watcher. Stable father figure with an edgy, questionable past.

Rupert Giles is all of the above and exactly what you get when you combine and academic librarian, high school, and demonology. He walked into our television screens and hearts on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Created by Avengers director Joss Whedon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired on the WB in 1997 and has since become a cult classic. Buffy Summers was your average California high school student with the exception of being chosen to fight evil and slay vampires. Rupert Giles was her school librarian and watcher, guiding her through the trials and tribulations of her mystical destiny while always stressing the importance of research.

Buffy and her friends spend a great deal of their time in the Sunnydale High School Library. The library is where they plan, where the train, and where they research how to defeat the newest evil to hit the scene. Giles knows that the key to prevailing is to truly know your subject matter and enemy.

Willow: How is it you always know this stuff? You always know what’s going on. I never know what’s going on. 

Giles: Well, you weren’t here from midnight until six researching it. 

Through the course of the series Giles has had his own struggles along with Buffy and their troop of evil-fighting, mystery solvers aptly titled, The Scooby Gang. Giles is there at devastating times in the lives of those around him often providing much needed comfort and understanding when the world is brutal and unforgiving.

Giles Buffy

And when life gets awkward? He cleans his glasses

When he is not battling demons and vampires, he also fights for intellectual freedom.

Giles: They’re confiscating my books. 

Buffy: Giles, we need those books. 

Giles: Believe me, I tried to tell that to the nice man with the big gun. This is intolerable. Snyder has interfered before, but I won’t take this from that twisted little homunculus. 

Snyder: I love the smell of desperate librarian in the morning. 

Giles: You get out… and take your marauders with you. 

Did I mention that he sings? Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired for 7 years and has continued its story in the form of graphic novels.


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