Goodviews: With Honors

with honors

With Honors was a new movie for me. Even if it came out in 1994.

Montgomery “Monty” Kessler (Brendan Fraser) is a Harvard student working on his thesis paper. He’s just gotten approval for the first part from his advising professor and he goes to the home he shares with three other students to finish typing his thesis that’s already 88 pages long when his computer dies during a sudden power outage! Paranoid that something is going to happen to his only printed copy he rushes to make copies. Roommate Courtney Blumenthal (Moira Kelly) rushes after Monty to make sure he’s okay. When Monty taunts Courtney for falling behind he trips over a bike rack and breaks his ankle, dropping his thesis paper into a steam vent leading into the Widener Library boiler room.

Courtney distracts the night security guard and Monty sneaks into the boiler room to find his thesis paper in the hands of a bum named Simon Wilder (Joe Pesci). Simon will give Monty back his thesis paper, after a few favors. He refuses a check that Monty writes, asking only for glazed donuts and clean underwear. Monty goes back home and seeks guidance from roommates Courtney, Everett Calloway (Patrick Dempsey), and Jeffrey Hawks (Josh Hamilton). Monty calls campus security and Simon is taken away, but the paper is nowhere to be found. Monty bails Simon from going to jail, and the pair strike a sort of bargain. For every favor that Monty does for Simon, he will gain back one page of his paper. And this bum is a creative one.

The casting is fantastic in this movie and is definitely one I will watch again. It’s emotional, heartwarming, and a brilliant comedy that shows there is more to life than what we focus on.

I’ll admit, this movie caught my eye because of Patrick Dempsey’s hair. From the beginning Everett is my favorite character because of his humor.

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