Eckhart Public Library Invites You to Look at America’s Top Office: February 24 at 7 PM


The term “imperial presidency” crops up a lot on political blogs and 24-hour cable news shows, but what does it really mean?  Manchester University political science professor Dr. Leonard Williams will join Eckhart Public Library Tuesday, February 24, at 7 PM, for a look at the institution of the presidency.  We’ll explore what the Constitution actually says about the presidency and the historical development of presidential power.

At the end of the program, guests will have the opportunity to evaluate the presidency of current U.S. President Barack Obama.  Presidential refreshments will be served.

Registration is suggested but not required.  Please register by calling 260-925-2414 ext. 120 or be emailing .

If you can’t make it to the program, check out some of these resources on the presidency, American history, and current affairs.


About Darcy

I have worked at Eckhart Public Library since 2008 in teen, adult, and genealogy services.
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