Join the Banned


If you have visited the library in the past week, you might have noticed the display of books whose covers have been hidden behind plain, brown paper.  You might have noticed phrases like “anti-family” and “filthy, trashy novel” written on the covers of some of those books.  You might be wondering what the big idea is.

This is our way of celebrating Banned Books Week, which is September 21-27.  Banned Books are books that have been removed from libraries or schools because of a person’s objection to the material; challenged books are books that were retained despite attempts to have the book removed.  Banned Books Week is an annual celebration of the freedom to read.  The book community, including libraries, book stores, publishers, schools, and readers participate each year, and the American Library Association (ALA) releases information compiled from the previous year about frequently challenged books.  For more information on statistics about Banned Books, visit the ALA’s website.

Keep checking back throughout the month of September for posts about frequently challenged books.


About Darcy

I have worked at Eckhart Public Library since 2008 in teen, adult, and genealogy services.
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