Steamy Summer Reads

Keep your summer red-hot with a steamy summer read, checked out from Eckhart Public Library. Come into the Main Library and check out the Steamy Summer Reads display.

Here are some of my favorite “steamy summer reads” you can check out from Eckhart Public Library:

The Wallflowers & The Hathaways series by Lisa Kleypas

Secrets of A Summer Night   Mine Till Midnight

“Secrets of A Summer Night” kicks off the four-book Wallflowers series, which also includes “It Happened One Autumn,” “Devil In Winter,” and “Scandal in Spring.” There is also a holiday story, “A Wallflower Christmas.” The Wallflower series follows four young women in London society who are, for various reasons, wallflowers and unlikely to marry. The women decide to band together to find husbands. This series features four incredibly different, incredibly likable heroines and some wonderful heroes. It was one of the first romance series I read (I’ve read quite a few since then), and “Devil in Winter” is still one of my all-time favorite romance novels. It features a pair that really shouldn’t work, but the way their romance builds throughout the book is nothing short of intoxicating.

The Wallflowers series also has a five-book companion series, The Hathaways. The series begins with “Mine Till Midnight,” and also includes “Seduce Me at Sunrise,” “Tempt Me at Twilight,” “Married by Morning,” and “Love in the Afternoon.” This series takes place after the Wallflowers books and features a quirky family that suddenly inherits a title and a crumbling estate. Each book follows a different sibling as they fall in love with their unconventional suitors. The Hathaways is a stand-alone series, but it features cameos from characters in the Wallflowers series, and one of the main heroes in the Hathaway books has a cameo in a Wallflowers books. It’s a little like running into an old friend when one of the Wallflowers characters is mentioned!

When Beauty Tamed the Beast By Eloisa James

when beauty tamed the beast

“When Beauty Tamed the Beast” is one of the novels in Eloisa James’ fairytale series, which features romance novels based on fairy tales. They are not connected and can be read in any order – in fact, “When Beauty Tamed the Beast” is the only novel in this series I’ve read! The book follows a beautiful but compromised woman who sets her sights on a cranky doctor living in a castle. It’s an awful lot like “House, M.D.” meets “Beauty and the Beast” – how can you go wrong with that?

The Maiden Lane Series by Elizabeth Hoyt

wicked intentions

The Maiden Lane series kicks off with “Wicked Intentions,” and also includes “Notorious Pleasures,” “Scandalous Desires,” “Thief of Shadows,” and “Lord of Darkness.” The series follows people in and around the notorious London slum of St. Giles, including lords, commoners, orphanage owners, and even a river pirate! Hoyt really tries to change things up and turn common romance tropes on their heads. Plus, she writes compelling characters – just wait until you get to “Thief of Shadows,” which is definitely one of my top-five romance novels I’ve read! Hoyt also writes in a very straightforward style, so if you like your romance without flowery language, Hoyt is an author you might really enjoy.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


“Outlander” is a bit of a genre-jumper. It has elements of romance, sci-fi/fantasy, and historical fiction, but it all combines into a great, wide-ranging story. The book follows Clare Fraser, a World War II nurse, who is transported back to 1743 in Scotland. There, she meets Jamie Fraser, an outlaw with whom she falls in love. The series has several sequels, a companion series, and a graphic novel, and it’s being adapted into a series on Starz later this summer. It’s deeper, longer read than most of our Steamy Summer Reads, which makes it perfect reading for a long vacation.

What steamy summer reads do you recommend?


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I am the Associate Director of Eckhart Public Library. My office is in the Administrative Annex, but I can often be found roaming the Eckhart Public Library Campus, performing acts of librarianship in every department! I love to read and learn about history. I'm also a huge fan of movies, TV and pop culture in general, and I love to read books of all types. Currently, I'm working my way around the romance section, with some historical fiction and graphic novels thrown in for variety! But you never know what I'm going to pick up next.
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