Help the Friends of the Library While You Shop

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Did you know that you can help Friends of Eckhart Public Library, Inc. while you shop? has created something called Amazon Smile that donates a portion of your purchase to a charity. If you select Friends of Eckahrt Public Library, Inc. as your charity, a donation will be made to the Friends! Amazon Smile ( works with all Amazon accounts, including Prime Memberships. Questions? Find our more about Amazon Smile.

The Friends of Eckhart Public Library is a non-profit organization whose enthusiastic support makes many special library programs possible. Their book sales are dedicated to making significant contributions to the steady growth of the library and its services to the community. Friends help promote the library by sponsoring activities which encourage reading and broaden the user base of the library. Sponsored activities include: Annual Book Sales, Giving Thanks Silent Auction, Adult Programming, Book Clubs, Reading Clubs, Volunteer Luncheons, Teen Programing, Children’s Programing, and the Annual Art Shows.



About Jamie

Jamie is the Programming and Outreach Manager at Eckhart Public Library
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