Goodviews: Other Boleyn Girl

Book Jacket for: The other Boleyn girl [videorecording DVD]

The Other Boleyn Girl is one of those movies that I constantly forget is a book until I either search it and see the book or read the back of the case where it says “based on the best-selling novel”. I’d wanted to see the movie for a while because I know very little about the time period and how a lot of things worked for politics back then. I do know that people were desperate for male heirs, especially to take over the throne.

In this movie sisters Anne (Portman) and Mary (Johansson) both compete for the King (Bana)’s affections. Mary wants nothing to do with her family trying to gain more status, but Anne jumps at the chance because it means that she would then be courted by Dukes and men of similar status. All she has to do is get pregnant and give the king a male heir. Anne is too strong-willed for the king and during what we might consider a sort of “date” today the king falls off of his horse and gets injured. Mary takes care of the king who then falls in love with her.

All Mary wants is a simple life in the country with her husband, but she gets dragged into a life she doesn’t want by the king causing not only pain for Mary but Anne as well. Anne is eventually sent away only to return some time later.

This movie is one I found to be wonderful. The musical score holds drama and adds a great effect to the emotion of the movie. The love, the pain, the heartbreak! If my reading list wasn’t so long right now I’d probably check out the book, but I can’t spend all my time away from the library reading (try as I might).


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