In memory of Jack Randinelli

The staff and board of Eckhart Public Library extend heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Jack Randinelli. Randinelli passed away Sunday, Sept. 1.

Jack Randinelli is recognized for 50 years of service to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival. (Photo courtesy Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival.)

Jack Randinelli is recognized for 50 years of service to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival. (Photo courtesy Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival.)

Described by friends as “Auburn’s biggest cheerleader,” Randinelli dedicated 16 years of service to the Eckhart Public Library board of trustees. Additionally, he was appointed by the Indiana State Library to the Indiana Library Advisory Council, where he heard ideas being implemented around the state and brought them back to Auburn.

He offered sound leadership and a joyful spirit. Randinelli’s service included helping guide Eckhart Public Library through its major renovation and expansion and addition of the genealogy center. His passion was maintaining the historic integrity of the library building while pushing the library to be a progressive, modern part of its patrons’ lives.

Randinelli wore many hats in the community, and his legacy will live on through his dedication to preserving Auburn’s automotive history. Last year, a film crew from Ball State University included Randinelli and his then-6-year-old grandson in a new documentary, “Legacies of Perfection: Auburn Cord Duesenberg.” The video will soon be available to check out from the Eckhart Public Library collection.

In the documentary, Randinelli says that his devotion to the ACD marques grew because of the artistry behind the cars. He shared that love with his family, and, through his devotion to the ACD Club, ACD Festival, and the Hoosier Tour, with the world.

He explains his philosophy of preservation, specifically in relation to Auburn’s automotive heritage, in this video clip:

“So many times, history is lost — it really is lost — because the people that were involved pass before they ever tell anybody the real thing that happened to them and their involvement in it. We need to convince our heirs and our children, our grandchildren, to continue to come and to continue to bring the cars out for the public to see.”

-Angela Mapes Turner on behalf of Eckhart Public Library

Thank you to Barn-Find Productions (Ball State University) for providing the video clip.

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2 Responses to In memory of Jack Randinelli

  1. Carol Foley says:

    Thanks Angie for your wonderful words about Jack. He will be sorely missed in Auburn!

  2. Karen Randinelli-Ackerman says:

    He truly loved the library and everything it stood for. He was always proud to have served as a trustee. Although he may have told us the same stories repeatedly, it was because he was so very proud to have been apart of a much bigger thing…..Thank you Kari Randinelli-Ackerman.

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