Blurring the Lines: Ryan Mecum

Vampires, and werewolves, and zombies oh my! Ryan Mecum delivers these creatures so well.

It’s no secret I have a fascination with these creatures and many other things. I’ve read Mecum’s books multiple times and I adore his writing. These stories are told through haiku from a first person perspective.

Zombie Haiku follows not only one but two people through a journey. One person you meet through the journal that a second person picks up and continues.

Book Jacket for: Zombie haiku

Vampire Haiku is the story of a vampire starting before he becomes a vampire and following his adventures in life and love.

Book Jacket for: Vampire haiku

Werewolf Haiku tells the story of a mailman who gets bitten. This story is probably my favorite, but I love all three of these books too much to tell.

Book Jacket for: Werewolf haiku

My favorite things about these books?

  • The pages! They feel different and they match the books. For instance, look at the cover of Werewolf Haiku. The pages have similar splatters and tears. Just imagine what the other books look like.
  • The stories. These stories are not your average ones on vampires and zombies and werewolves. Mecum follows some traditional things and does twist certain elements. I’m a purist for these creatures by no means but I can be picky and Mecum’s books are just right.
  • Haiku! As someone who not only reads but writes poetry I adore seeing novels in verse. Haiku is one of the harder forms for me to write and I have such an admiration for all of the haiku Mecum wrote for these. Short as haiku might be the ones he wrote are deep and draw the reader in.
  • Images. Mecum has fantastic images in these books. Read them to see.
  • Quick reading. I’m the type of person who has several books and projects going on at once. I like to sit down and just read a book, but I also enjoy a book I can read while doing other things. With these books you have plenty of stopping points or you can sit down and read cover to cover within a little bit of time.

I get excited about a lot of things, but these books are some of my favorites! They will make you laugh, hold attention, and they’re good for Halloween reading too. What better to read when creatures of the night walk about?!

Heather: Found Zombie Haiku completely by chance and fell in love with the humor and haikus. When I saw the other two I just had to read them.


About Heather

I often go by Razor as my nickname based on my maiden name. I work at a library and also write. I write anything from novels to poetry and I live for the written word.
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